Auto flowering seeds


Price for 10 seeds: 42.90$

  • Sex: Feminized Autoflowering.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Origin: Cheese x Autoflowering.
  • Genotype: 40% sativa, 30% indica and 30% ruderalis.
  • Indoor flowering: 70-75 days.
  • Harvest outdoors: May-October.
  • Effect: Medicinal use.
  • Yield: 500gr / m2 and 120-250gr / plant.
  • THC: 15%.
  • CBD: 0.9%.

Origin of Radical Auto marijuana seeds

Radical Auto  is a feminized autoflowering marijuana seed that is born from the cross between a Cheese and an autoflowering plant (with Super Silver Haze inheritance in its genes). This cross produces a 40% sativa-30% indica-30% ruderalis variety .

Radical Auto plant shape and size

It is a medium-sized plant  indoors it reaches a height of 80cm and outdoors it can reach 1.80m.

It develops numerous very heavy buds covered by a large amount of resin.

Growing the Radical Auto plant

This is an autoflowering variety that is  very easy to grow  and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

It is a plant that can be planted in the window while there is no frost since the photoperiod does not affect it .

In inside in about 70-75  days  flowering  will be ready for pickup. We can obtain a yield of  500gr / m2 .

In outside  the ideal time for planting it is from May to October. We will get between  120-250 grams per plant .

Effects produced by Radical Auto

This plant is ideal for various medicinal uses .

Aroma and Flavor of Radical Auto

Develops a  fruity aroma and flavor.

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