Regular seeds


Price for 10 seeds: 72.50$

  • Gender: Regular
  • Suitable for Interior and Exterior
  • Origin: Blueberry X Bubble Gum
  • Genotype: Sativa Predominance
  • Indoor flowering: 65 days
  • Harvest outdoors: End of September
  • Effect: Energizing
  • Yield: Medium

Origin of the seed

Marijuana seeds Bubbleberry Regular are seeds of type Regulars who come from crossing a Blueberry with Bubble Gum . This strain is one of the sweetest that you will be able to find in the world of cannabis since two strains that are famous for their exquisite flavor have come together.

Plant shape and size

Regular Bubbleberry seeds give rise to a plant that is shaped like a Christmas tree . It has large leaves that stand out for their dark green color. They are very shiny as they are completely covered in resin.

Growing the Regular Blueberry plant

This strain of cannabis is easy to grow, it is suitable for all types of growers, both experts and beginners. It is a plant resistant to pests and you can grow in SOG with it.

In indoor begin flowering from the 60 days from seed germination. Here the harvest that you can obtain will be 350 gr / m2.

In outside the ideal time for the harvest is the end of the month of September. The production that your harvest can achieve here will be between 400-500 grams per plant.

Effects it produces

Its effects are energizing since it is a predominantly Sativa plant , it is perfect to enjoy unique moments with friends, it will fill you with happiness.

Aroma and Flavor

This combination of Blueberry with Bubble Gum gives rise to a very intense and sweet flavor in which hints of sour strawberry are mixed with those of forest fruits. Feel free to try it.

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