Regular seeds


Price for 10 seeds: 95.50$

  • Gender: Regular
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Provenance: Jack Herer x Super Skunk x Haze
  • Genotype: 45% Sativa – 55% Indica
  • Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Flowering: 60-70 days indoors
  • Effect: Euphoric
  • High performance
  • THC amount: High

Origin of the seeds

The genes of the Jack Flash variety known to be the best cannabis in the world , were recombined with exquisite care with a descendant of a Super Skunk and Haze hybrid, to preserve the qualities of the original strain while improving its performance.

The resulting combination shows the best of this mix as its Sativa genes give it a powerful effect and flavor , while its Indica traits provide it with a greater number of buds with a great density of excellent aromatic qualities. Thus, Jack Flash has reaped several awards and combines in a single plant an excellent yield with a powerful and unmatched taste and effect , which leaves even the most demanding of consumers breathless.

Plant shape and size

Regular Jack Flash seeds can give rise to plants with two different phenotypes .

The plants that develop the indica phenotype are compact, with large calyxes that crowd one another and are saturated with resin; while the Sativo phenotype develops larger plants that increase significantly during flowering and can reach more than one meter in height, covered with solid buds full of resin whose performance, power and effect are unmatched.

Sensi Seeds Jack Flash cultivation

This variety improves its indoor and outdoor cultivation compared to the Jack Herer strain . It offers the best of itself with all kinds of cultivation methods, pleasing its grower with bountiful crops of sublime quality.

After about 60 or 70 days , with small variations in the flowering cycle depending on the phenotype (8 weeks for the most indica version and 9 weeks for the Sativa), we will be able to obtain a delicious harvest with high productivity, 450-500 gr. / m2 . While the best results will be obtained when it is grown in environments with a Mediterranean climate and a lot of sun , harvesting at the beginning of October about 600 to 800 gr./plant.

Effects produced by the Jack Flash

The effect it provides is strong, mostly cerebral and euphoric , coupled with a pleasant physical sensation , which makes it perfect to enjoy in social gatherings or for creative use.

Aroma and Flavor

Its aroma and flavor are intense with hints of incense, coffee, lemon, exotic woods, metal and spices , mixed with sweet Shunk.

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